Capital for Startups, Mature Businesses, Investors and Franchisees

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit
Unsecured Term Loans
Assets Based Loan Programs
Establish business credit
Scale & grow your business
Unrestricted use of funds

Get $50k to $150K at 0% in 10-Days

We have access to lending programs that can get you an EXTRA $150k unsecured. That's a total of $300K for your business in 10-days. Unrestricted use of capital that does not report on your personal credit report. We also give you 12-months free business consultation to help you deploy your new funds intelligently and raise your limits.

Credit Score

700+ personal credit score at all 3 bureaus or a co-signer.

Credit History

6-8 years of personal credit history or a co-signer who meets the requirement.

Tax returns

A copy of your latest filed personal tax return.

Legal Entity

We accept LLCs, C or S Corps.

Our philosophy: Business Strategy First!

We help you know where you are going next before you spend money.

At Capital Accelerator New York City, not only do we help you get the capital you need to grow, you also get the following as a client:

12 months unlimited business consulting
24 months of credit limit increases at no additional cost
5 year guarantee on term loan renewal
20% discount on future funding
Compensation for any referrals you send us

About Christopher J.  Sewell

Founder, Capital Accelerator New York City

Chris matured his technical, problem solving, and data processing skills gained from attaining a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia... leveraging those competencies into a digital media & capital consulting firm specializing in helping startups, mature businesses, investors, and franchisees get capital to grow.

Mr. Sewell followed the path of famous business people like Google's Larry Page, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, and Apple's Tim Cook, who also transformed their engineering degrees into CEO status. 



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