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Thanks for scheduling a chat with me to help you acquire private money for your real estate deals. 

Our call will be a Video Chat via Google Meet.

Rules of Engagement:

If you are more than 5-minutes late, I will simply cancel the call.
If you are in a noisy spot when we connect (airport, cafe, your car, walking in the street, etc), I will simply cancel the call.

These rules are to ensure that we respect each other's time. If you're a person of success, you understand the value of time.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

SFR Requirements

Residential (1-4 units)
2800 SQFt max
ARV under FHA max
5 bedroom / 3 bathroom max
1/2 acre lot max

Short Term Purchase + Rehab

6-24 month terms
Interest only payments
Up to 65% ARV (10% cash down at closing / 90% of Rehab financed)
8%-15% (or higher if your personal financial profile contains negatives)
3-8 Points (or higher if your personal financial profile contains negatives)
Credit score min: none, but we still want your scores to assess risk profile
Past bankruptcy, foreclosure, repos OK, but loan will cost A LOT more
Application fee: $0
Due Diligence Processing fee: $250 (due after you get a Terms Sheet)


Can I do a No Money Down deal?

After you have completed 5 successful real estate loans with us, we can discuss no money down options for future deals.

If my credit score is low, can I get approved?

Yes, it's possible, but you will pay more for the loan.

Do you fund raw land?


Can I provide my credit reports so I'm not hit will 'Hard Inquiries'?

Yes, you can. You must pull all 3 reports within the last 30-days. Use Credit Karma or Experian.

What if I'm BROKE, but I have a great deal; Will a Private Lender fund me?

Almost NEVER! If your bank account is negative, you're living out of your car, you collect bottles and cans to get by each day, we can't fund you. UNLESS... we bring a financially strong partner into the deal. Or, you can just wholesale the deal for cash.

Can Private Lenders give me a POF letter to go after REOs?

Not without a prior business relationship. Once you've successful paid back several private loans, the lenders would give you a POF letter for future deals.

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